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Student Appreciation Post

Sishu would like to dedicate this post to our Student Liwen Megan Ng, who has recently scored extremely impressive grades in her GCSE Exam’s. Liwen achieved a high score of 215/240, with the highest Grade 9.

We are very proud of Liwen’s impeccable GCSE Results, and all Liwen has achieved in her learning at the age of 7. Liwen has worked alongside Teacher Sisi for the recent years, and together have achieved great results.

Teaching Feedback Testimonial -

‘We are ever so grateful to have Sisi teach our two children over the years. Without Sisi being so dedicated and investing so much time and effort teaching Liwen so diligently and patiently, Liwen would not have been able to progress so much and achieve A* in her GCSE Mandarin exam at the age of 7. Sisi has nurtured Liwen and Yang Ming and is part of our family now. Thank you very much for being such a great teacher to our Liwen and Yang Ming!’


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