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China in Art Competition: May Winners

Thank you all for your interest in our New Art Classes and Competitions in the last month. We have enjoyed the video making process, and allowing the children to get involved. We will continue the competition as previously mentioned, and welcome you all to join our June competition. Please find attached details on themes to record/draw and select your choice should you wish to join in.

All our students have produced amazing work, which has impressed all teachers, so we would like to send a huge congratulations and well done to all. We would also like to announce the winners for our May competition!

1st Place Winner: Isabel Yi-Hua

2nd Place Winner: Catherine Salcedo Lim

3rd Place Winner: Adelyn Kaixin Chung

Award for Best Artistic Concept: Catalina Yi-Li

Award for Most Creative Content: Liwen Megan Ng

Award for Most Innovative: Harrison Lee

Award for Best Poetic Work: Huiran Alexis Tsoi; Staphanie Chen; Sophia Wenwen Chen

If you have any questions or wish for more details on how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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