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New Payment Scheme Summer Term 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope this message finds you well. Thank you for the patience and understanding towards the changes taking place in our School as we have transitioned to Online sessions during the lock-down. The School has undertaken a thorough review, involving parent and pupil input, over the Easter holidays to help formulate plans for the summer term.

As you can imagine, turning the Schools from vibrant physical communities into effective on-line communities that continue to provide formal teaching and care over the past few weeks has been a significant change for the children, and we would like to thank the parents, students, and staff for all working together to ensure our learning can continue, we greatly appreciate parents support. We understand that can be a difficult time for many parents and certain companies, as Sishu are also facing some difficulties due to the COVID-19, due to our tutors still working online and unable to apply for any help during this time. We aim to provide the best care to our customers, and although we also face issues, we would like to ensure our customers also have some comfort during this time by introducing the following scheme.

We have decided to put a scheme in place for parents that would like to use it during this time. This term, we can accept 50% of the Summer Term 2020 Fee’s, with the second 50% added to next terms Invoice (Autumn Term 2020) as our terms and conditions. We believe this allows parents in a difficult position like ourselves to spread the costs of the sessions, with flexible payment due dates available.

The School are well aware of the anxiety and pressure the current situation is creating and the implications on the well-being and health of families and the economic and financial uncertainty that many will find themselves facing. We believe the most appropriate response is to provide as much support as possible for the pupils remotely, and remain ready to open the School as soon as we are able to do so. Our current assumption is that this will be sometimes in June but clearly there is significant uncertainty regarding how the pandemic will play out and we await guidance from the Government.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, my best wishes for the health and safety of your family and friends.

Best Regards,

Sishu Team

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