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At Sishu, we are following the guidelines of the government on COVID-19, and will continue all further classes online until further notice. We have been running online classes through Zoom for the last week, both private and group classes, and have had a great response from parents and students. Our term will end this week, so we have put many activities in place for students to join over the following weeks. During this time of children staying home, and routines being disrupted, we aim to avoid any disruption to our children hard work in learning Chinese, and have created many sessions and camps over the next few weeks to ensure the children can work on their vocabulary, descriptive writing skills, physical motor skills, art skills, and much more.

We will be hosting online classes daily next week starting 30th march for one week. We will then host two weeks of our online Easter camp, which has been arranged with great detail to ensure the children get the most out of their sessions. We hope to see many familiar, new, and old faces during this difficult time, to ensure we all work together, and continue learning. We gratefully appreciate and thank all parents that are assisting children in joining our online classes, allowing us to keep education continuing. All details on the next few weeks are attached, and we hope to hear from you!

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