SiShu sponsored by University College London, is a creative school that simplified Chinese learning process, and makes learning Mandarin fun. SiShu provides a range of Chinese-culture-specific after school courses to children aged from 1 year to 12 years in London. We believe that children have many ways of communicating, thinking; and we want to work together with children to discover bigger outside worlds, and to maximize children’s leaning potential through the joint learning experience with our professionally trained, responsible teachers.

We aim to create a professional and vibrant, and most importantly, stimulating environment where you and your child can learn Mandarin and Chinese culture in a fun way. Our curriculum is based on the belief that language, culture, and logical reasoning ability are closely intertwined with each other. We also strongly believe that a healthy body is the prerequisite and a facilitator for cognitive learning process, thus we offer Taiji and Chinese Kung Fu classes in order to maximize the learning outcomes.

Teacher, child and the parent will work together to actualize the children’s potential in learning mandarin and acquiring mathematical thinking in a playful environment at Sishu. We wish to cultivate and maintain a reputation for our service and quality. Our competitive price will also ensure that the process of learning mandarin and Chinese culture is not rushed and not money-consuming. We expect to become a major platform of information and materials about Chinese language, culture for our target groups in London. Our children-centered school will focus on building supportive and trusty relationship with children and family through providing the Chinese-culture-specific elements in small doses. 


Sisi Lin

Director, Mandarin teacher_baby mandarin, YCT Level Test

Bin Kong

Mandarin teacher_YCT Level Test

Tianjiao Zhao

Mandarin teacher_YCT Level Test

Ruijie Li

Mandarin teacher_baby Mandarin, YCT Level Test

Chenchen Li

Math Teacher_Abacus, Mathematical Olympiad

Jiayao Peng

Art Teacher_Chinese brush painting, Polymer Clay

Peng Peng

Art Teacher_Acrylic painting, Oil painting, Water colour, Polymer Clay

Charlie Gong

Music Teacher_Piano, Opera singing

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103c, Camley Street, Kings Cross, London  N1C 4PF United Kingdom