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Sishu Chinese – Charactermon Go Book 📚

As you may already know, Sishu have been working on publishing our own Charactermon Go Book, which has now been completed. The book will be published by the most famous publisher for Chinese foreign learners, Jinan University Press📒

We are very proud of the work and effort that has gone into the production of the book. We are also very proud that our students were able to join us in the book making process, by contributing and using their voice in the audio recordings. We would like to send a special thank you to the following students for contributing their time and efforts recording with us🧧.

The whole series will be available as a bundle for £96, and Sishu students will also receive a 5% off all orders made. The book is available for Pre Order now and can be purchased through emailing us (shortly amazon). Please see the pricing for the books below.

Book 1: £14 / Book 2: £14

Book 3: £18 / Book 4: £18

Book 5: £22 / Book 6: £22

Please get in touch for any further Information on the Book Series!


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